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Devin J. Poore

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This just shows the previous shot with the exhaust hose inserted.


I've heard over and over and over again that you should NOT set up an exhaust fan setup like this; you are never supposed to have the exhaust pulled directly through the fan, as with solvent based paints there is a chance of the fan brushes generating a spark and lighting off the fumes.  I personally think that the odds of this are very low - okay, if you spray pure thinner into the booth for a solid minute, and THEN flip on the fan, you could probably get a nice fire going.  I always start up the fan before spraying and let it run for a while after I finish.  Never had a problem myself.  But, of course, no one else should do this.  I'm stupid.  There, that concludes the "Cover My Ass" portion of the presentation.  Get yourself a nice brushless fan, or an offset squirrel cage setup where the motor is never in the exhaust flow, and you'll cover all of your bases.