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U.S.S. Monitor
Thoroughbred Miniatures 1/600th scale
Launched only 100 days after she was initially laid down in the shipyard, USS Monitor was commissioned on February 25, 1862. She promptly left for Hampton Roads where she confronted the Confederate ship CSS Virginia on March 9th. While the battle was a technical draw, it did mark the first time armored warships met in battle. After the battle Monitor remained in the Hampton Roads and James River theaters of operation. In December of that year she was ordered south, and while being towed off of Cape Hatteras she sank in a heavy storm on December 31, 1862. Her wreck was discovered in 1974, certified a national marine sanctuary, and since several artifacts have been recovered from the wreck site, including her massive gun turret. All relics from Monitor are being conserved and displayed at the Mariner's Museum Monitor Center.
This is the Thoroughbred Miniatures 1/600th scale kit, in white metal, of the American Civil War ironclad. Great kit, easy build. The only modifications I did were to remove one of the protruding guns and to drill out the barrel on the remaining gun.
The parts right out of the box. A full sheet of instructions and printed flag included as well.
Parts primed and airbrushed very dark gray. I superglued parts to straight pins and paperclips for handling during painting and drying.
Parts assembled, awaiting weathering.
Another view of the model.  You can better make out the crewman forward of the turret in this shot.