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Below are various kits I've built through the years. I built models like crazy while younger up through high school. The Navy put a stop to that. In the late 1990's I discovered all of the new resin warship kits and got back into the hobby. Then, in 2016, I left the computer IT field after 20+ years and became a professional model maker, first working at a diorama museum, and now working as an architectural model maker. Below represents most of what I have built in recent years; 99.9% of the models I built as a child are no more. About half of what I build I sell to private collectors, the rest I keep.

  USS Keokuk
Verlinden Models
1/200 Scale

Battlestar Galactica
Moebius Models
1/4105 Scale

USS Sentinel
Ugh! Models
1/1000 Scale

F4F-4 Wildcat
1/48th Scale

Bell P-40o Airacobra
Eduard Models
1/48th Scale

USS Benson (DD-421)
Dragon Models
1/350th Scale
CSS Atlanta
Verlinden Models
1/240-ish Scale
Battlestar Valkyrie
Timeslip Creations
1/4105 Scale
U.S.S. Luzon
Niko Models
1/700 Scale
MK I "Male"
Master Box
1/72nd Scale
Colonial Viper
Moebius Models
1/32nd Scale

Cylon Raider
Fantastic-Plastic Resin

Cylon Basestar
Timeslip Creations
1/4105 Scale
X-Wing "Red 4"
Fine Molds
1/48th Scale
KV-2 Gigant
Tamiya 1/48th
U.S.S. Weehawken
Old Steam Navy
1/96th Scale
Nieuport 17
1/48th scale Eduard kit of WWI fighter
F4U-1 Corsair
1/48th Scale
Pfalz D.IIIa
1/48th scale Eduard kit of WWI fighter
U.S.S. Essex
Thoroughbred Miniatures 1/600th Scale
Mobile Bay - 1864 Thoroughbred Miniatures 1/600th Scale
U.S.S. Monitor
Thoroughbred Miniatures 1/600th scale
Pegasus Hobbies 1/48th Scale
U.S.S. Farenholt
Blue Water Navy
1/350th Scale Resin
A Break in the Action
1/350th scale diorama of
USS Juneau and USS Laffey
Red Swingline Stapler
ala Office Space
Space Shuttle Columbia
Airfix 1/144th Scale
Boba Fett
Screamin' 1/6th scale
Indian Motorcycles
U.S.S. Carondelet
Styrene Scratch-Build
1/96th Scale
Spray Booth on a Budget
Sybil, Steampunk Lady Bust
Morland Studios
  P-51C "Thunderbird"
Pegasus Hobbies
1/48th Scale