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I began to write while I was in the Navy to help keep my inner angry little demons down and give myself a much needed creative outlet. I got really serious about it in early 2002 when I started taking classes at The New School in NYC, and joined up with the Altered Fluid writing group.


“Shades of Blue and Gray: Ghosts of the Civil War”, includes my story “Spectral Drums”. It can be purchased from Barnes and Noble and Amazon.com

My flash fiction piece "Forgotten" has been podcast over at Toasted Cake.
"In the Great City"
Fiction from Sybil's Garage #1
  "Before the Wind"
Short fiction as published in Eschatology
I'm excited to be contributing to The New York Times' "Disunion" series on their website. "Disunion" covers the 150th anniversary of the American Civil War. My focus is specifically on the naval aspects of the conflict.

Pook Turtles, Armorclads and the Civil War on the Rivers
Most of the ironclad action during the Civil War happened on the western rivers.

Civil War Submarines
Beyond the famous CSS Hunley, dozens of submarines were built during the Civil War.

Raiding the Keokuk
The loss of the unusual USS Keokuk, and the South's scavenging of the wreck.
Ironclad Fever
Everyone knows the story of Monitor and Virginia's battle, but what came after?
Rise of the "Infernal Machines"
The development and use of torpedoes and mines during the Civil War.
Sybil's Garage is a cool 'zine that I was involved with since its inception. You can check out the Senses Five website for more info. I contributed fiction, non-fiction, interviews, photography, and worked as an associate editor.
"A Relic of the Past Looks to the Future"
Non-fiction from Sybil's Garage #2

Altered Fluid has been lucky enough to have a bi-annual radio appearance for the past several years on "Hour of the Wolf" on WBAI radio in Manhattan. Hosted by Jim Freund "Hour of the Wolf" is a weekly Saturday morning show about all things in the speculative fiction world. We Fluidians sit down with him and do a live critique session on-air, so that others can hear the process.

You can find our shows on iTunes by searching for Altered Fluid, and the most recent episodes should be available through the Hour of the Wolf website linked above. A few samples are linked below.